Freshwater-Reared Finfish Health

A bacterial outbreak can have negative outcomes for freshwater-reared finfish health. When you need to treat, take control with AQUAFLOR® (florfenicol) type A medicated feed article.

Key Benefits of AQUAFLOR®

  • Reduces mortality and keeps fish on feed for optimal growth and survival
  • Broad-spectrum antibiotic developed specifically for aquaculture – not used in human medicine
  • Can be fed in any life stage from fingerlings to food fish
  • May be used in sinking or floating feeds
  • AQUAFLOR is a heat-stable molecule during feed manufacturing, including extrusion, as well as storage
  • 15-day withdrawal time for all species at all approved dosages
  • Approved for use in recirculating aquaculture systems

In freshwater-reared finfish, AQUAFLOR is approved for the control of mortality due to columnaris disease associated with Flavobacterium columnare.


  • Fish readily consume medicated feed – studies show palatability compared to unmedicated feed
  • Minimize wasted feed while maximizing antibiotic uptake
  • Uniform granulation offers more accurate dosage delivery and optimum distribution in the medicated feed


  • No adverse effects on fish behavior or performance, even when fed at 10 times the recommended dose rate1


Determining Antimicrobial MICs Against Aquaculture Pathogens Using Sensititre® Plates

Author: Dr. Patricia S. Gaunt, DVM, PhD, DABVT


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Efficacy of AQUAFLOR (50% florfenicol) – Medicated Feed to Control Mortality Associated with Flavobacterium columnare Infection in Florida Largemouth Bass and Bluegill


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CAUTION: Federal law restricts medicated feed containing this veterinary feed directive (VFD) drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.

  1. See product bulletin for more details