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As a veterinary nurse or technician, you play an important role in helping pet parents deal with a diagnosis of diabetes in their dog or cat. That’s why we’ve created the Vetsulin For Life – Diabetes Vet Nurse Program, an eBook series filled with valuable knowledge and practical tips.

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Talking with Pet Parents About Pet Diabetes

A diagnosis of diabetes in a dog or cat can leave pet parents alarmed or intimidated. Your first eBook will refresh your skills in communicating with pet parents about pet diabetes. You’ll learn new ways to share how diabetic pets can lead normal, happy lives with proper management.

Learn about:

  • Communicating simply and clearly with pet parents
  • Explaining the importance of monitoring
  • Encouraging lifestyle changes in diabetic pets
  • Tools and ideas to successfully manage diabetes at home.

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Future eBooks will cover valuable topics like:

New Patients:
Troubleshooting & FAQ

Diabetic Data

Differences Between
Dog & Cat Diabetes

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