For the vaccination of healthy chickens 3 weeks of age or older against infectious bursal disease (IBD) (caused by Standard, Delaware A and E and GLS virus strains) and diseases caused by avian reoviruses.



Breedervac Reo-Plus is indicated for the vaccination of breeder replacement chickens against IBD (Standard, Delaware and GLS variants) and disease caused by avian reoviruses. The IBD fraction is used primarily for early protection of progeny with maternal antibodies, and the reovirus fraction is used to protect the breeder hen against tenosynovitis and the progeny against malabsorption.

Chickens should be in good health when vaccinated. Sick or weak chickens will not develop adequate immunity. The use of any inactivated vaccine may cause false positive results on Mycoplasma plate tests. Avoid Mycoplasma testing prior to ten weeks post vaccination.


  • Contains a broad range of inactivated standard and bursal-derived variant IBD virus and reovirus strains:
    • Induces high, uniform antibodies against IBD and reovirus throughout the entire production cycle
    • Induces enhanced protection against Delaware variant IBD virus with bursal-derived antigen
    • Provides excellent protection against reovirus associated disease (including tenosynovitisand malabsorption)


1 x 1000 doses

For additional information, please see the product label.