Innovax-ND delivers long-term protection without reaction in a single

dose. As well as keeping birds healthy in the face of Newcastle disease

and Marek’s disease, it is also the best foundation for a Protectotype

defense against infectious bronchitis.


Protection against multiple diseases

Convenient application – in ovo or subcutaneous

No vaccine reactions – improved bird performance

Long-lasting immunity of at least 60 weeks DOI

How It Works

When Innovax-ND is applied, it causes an immune response in the vaccinated chicken and antibodies against the F protein are produced. If the vaccinated chicken comes into contact with the actual Newcastle disease (ND) virus, these antibodies bind to the F proteins on its surface and stop the virus from attaching itself to the cells to prevent infection. Innovax-ND also results in an immune response against the Marek’s disease virus. Find out more in our Mode Of Action video.

Long-Term Protection Without Reaction

Innovax-ND is a key component in preventing Newcastle disease (ND), providing long-term protection without the costly reactions of conventional live ND vaccines. Innovax-ND can be administered with one dose in the hatchery – either in ovo to 18-day chicken embryos or by subcutaneous injection of chicks at one day of age – and can be easily combined with other respiratory vaccine programs.

Breakthrough Innovation

Innovax-ND is a breakthrough in Newcastle disease control. This vaccine establishes immunity during the bird’s first four weeks of life with minimal impact on its metabolism. Removing any significant metabolic reaction during the first several weeks of life while birds are growing and developing immunity has a positive effect on flock growth rates.


To effectively protect the flock against disease and premature death, Innovax-ND requires prescribed guidelines to be followed, including storage, handling, dosage, equipment calibration and needle and syringe replacement schedules.

To start benefitting from improved protection, contact your local MSD Animal Health representative and ask for Innovax-ND.

Innovax ND-SB

Innovax ND-SB is a frozen, cell associated, live virus vaccine that contains the recombinant serotype 3 turkey herpesvirus with the F gene from Newcastle disease virus and the SB-1 strain of chicken herpesvirus serotype 2. The vaccine is packaged in glass ampules and supplied with diluent packaged in a separate container. The vaccine ampules are inserted in metal canes, stored and shipped in a liquid nitrogen container.