Innovax-ILT is an innovative vaccine that protects against

both infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) and Marek’s disease (MD). It is a

highly effective method of ILT control and provides safe, longterm protection.



One single vaccine for long-lasting protection

No respiratory reactions — improved bird performance

Easy to apply — day-old or in ovo hatchery application

No risk of “rolling reactions” and reversion to virulence

How It Works

When Innovax-ILT is applied, it causes an immune response in the vaccinated chicken. The production of antibodies against the I and D glycoproteins stops the actual ILT virus from attaching itself to the cells to prevent infection. Innovax-ILT also results in an immune response against MD. This includes the activation of natural killer cells and macrophages, as well as the production of antibodies. Learn more by watching our Mode Of Action Video.

Long-Lasting, Reaction-Free Protection

Innovax-ILT uses the herpesvirus of turkey (HVT) as its foundation to deliver long-lasting protection against both ILT and MD without the costly reactions of conventional live vaccines. Convenient to use, Innovax-ILT can be administered in a single dose in the hatchery either in ovo or by subcutaneous injection of chicks at one day of age, and can be easily combined with other respiratory vaccine programs. It supplies long-term immunity and there are no post-vaccine reactions.

Healthier Flocks, Increased Productivity

The innovative Innovax-ILT vaccine has many advantages over traditional live virus vaccines to improve overall flock health and performance. By eliminating the risk of ‘rolling reactions’ flock health is enhanced, and without the need for revaccinations in the field labor costs are also lower. Using an HVT-based vaccine delivers more effective disease control too – live ILT virus cannot be spread in the poultry facility and the risk of interference between live vaccines against other respiratory diseases is removed.


To start benefitting from improved disease protection, contact your local MSD Animal Health representative and ask for Innovax-ILT.

Innovax ILT-SB

Innovax ILT-SB vaccine is a frozen, live, cell associated laryngotracheitis and Marek’s vaccine. It provides proven protection against ILT and very virulent Marek’s. it is approved for in ovo injection of 18 day embryonated eggs. Innovax ILT-SB contains a turkey herpes virus (HVT) used as a vector for the expression of the glycoprotein genes from laryngotracheitis virus. The HVT is combined with the SB-1 strain of chicken herpes virus (serotype 2).