For vaccination of healthy chickens at 1 day of age or older as an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.



For vaccination of healthy chickens at 1 day of age by spray cabinet administration or at 4 days of age on the feed to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis in chickens.


  • Controlled dose stimulates early, mild, predictable immune response to six species of Eimeria parasites important in chicken production
  • Early vaccination stimulates uniform immunity, which is not complicated by skip-a-day feeding programs
  • Convenient and flexible administration methods are adapted to different management practices
  • Ideal product to be used in parent stock and commercial pullets reared on cages or on the floor
  • Can be used in rotation with anticoccidial products to restore sensitivity to coccidiostats
  • Manufactured using SPF birds provides increased biosecurity


10 x 1,000
10 x 5,000

For additional information, please see the product label.

Technical Information

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