For vaccination of healthy chickens 2 weeks of age or older as an aid in preventing infectious bursal disease (IBD) caused by standard and variant bursal disease viruses.


Vaccinate by drinking water at 2 weeks of age or older. Good management practices should be followed to reduce exposure of birds to virulent infectious bursal disease virus during the first weeks of life.


  • Contains two specially selected intermediate IBD strains, each of which is plaque purified for specificity and consistency
  • The combined strains provide broad-spectrum protection against a wide variety of economically significant field strains of standard and variant bursal disease viruses
  • Produces broad protection against standard and variant IBD strains without destroying future immunization capabilities
  • Highly antigenic
  • Mild reacting, safe for use in broilers, pullets, breeders


10 x 5,000 doses

For additional information, please see the product label.