With SAFE-GUARD deworming products, you and your dog can have an outdoor life without worry.


SAFE-GUARD is the only broad-spectrum canine dewormer with no warnings or contraindications

  • Treats More Worms
    Why settle for less? Treat and control worms of greatest risk to the outdoor dog including Taenia Tapeworms, Hookworms, Roundworms, and Whipworms.
  • Using Fewer Drugs
    SAFE-GUARD treats these worms with only one compound, fenbendazole. So you can treat more with less, minimizing your dog’s chemical exposure.
  • With Proven Safety1
    SAFE-GUARD is safe for puppies 6 weeks of age or older and pregnant females as well as adult dogs of all breeds.


For the treatment and control of Roundworms (Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina), Hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum, Uncinaria stenocephala), Whipworms (Trichuris vulpis), and Tapeworms (Taenia pisiformis).


Dogs readily accept SAFE-GUARD Canine Granules. When mixed in food, dogs usually eat it without fuss, which helps to ensure that they receive a complete and proper dosing.

Make sure your dog eats all of the medicated food. You may need to moisten your dog’s dry dog food to aid mixing.

The premeasured packets make it easy to give the perfect dose based on your dog’s weight.


DOG WEIGHT10LBS11-20LBS21-30LBS31-40LBS41-50LBS51-60LBS61-80LBS
Packet Size1 gram2 gram1 gram
+ 2 gram
4 gram1 gram
+ 4 gram
2 gram
+ 4 gram
4 gram
+ 4 gram

OVER 80LBS: Use combination to obtain recommended daily dose


  • Weigh your dog to make sure you are using the correct dosage.
  • Follow the box directions for daily dosage requirements.
  • The same dosage must be administered for three consecutive days.
  • Do not stop treatment before the end of the three-day treatment period.


  • Indoor Dogs
  • Outdoor Dogs
  • Working Dogs
  • Pregnant Dogs
  • Heartworm-Infected Dogs*
  • Young Puppies (over 6 weeks)
  • Adult Dogs
  • Elderly Dogs

*SAFE-GUARD (fenbendazole) Canine Dewormer does not treat heartworms.


Why 3 Days?

Because of the life cycle of whipworms in dogs, SAFE-GUARD Canine Dewormer must be used three days in a row to effectively destroy this canine parasite. This three-day strategy ensures all four major types of parasites are eliminated. And, since you only have to administer
SAFE-GUARD twice a year*, you can choose which three days for each session are most convenient for your busy schedule.

Consult With Your

Your veterinarian is your dog’s other best friend. It is a good idea to schedule regular visits to discuss your pet’s overall health and immunization program. Consult your veterinarian for assistance in the diagnosis, treatment and control of parasitism.

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: For animal use only. Do not use in pups younger than 6 weeks. Do not deworm a dog or puppy that is sick. Approximately 1% of dogs had vomiting associated with the use of this product. Consult your veterinarian for help in the diagnosis, treatment and control of parasitism.

1. Data on file.
*Dogs over six months of age should be dewormed at least twice a year with SAFE-GUARD Canine Dewormer. For puppies younger than six months, see product label.