Merck Animal Health’s Dr. Angela Baysinger Named Board Chairperson of PAACO

The Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO), has named Angela Baysinger, DVM, as Board of Directors chairperson. She will serve a two-year term. Dr. Baysinger is the Animal Welfare Lead for Merck Animal Health’s Veterinary & Consumer Affairs Team.

“I am truly honored to serve PAACO as board chairperson,” Dr. Baysinger said. “As one of the founding members of the organization in 2004, I remain committed to our mission of improving the training and certification of qualified auditors in the field of animal welfare. I look forward to continuing to advance our influence on a global level.”

In addition to serving as PAACO’s board chair from 2004 to 2006, Dr. Baysinger has served on various committees during the past 12 years, including the Qualifications and Standards Committee and the Training and Education Committee.

“Dr. Baysinger brings a wealth of experience as she begins her term as board chairperson,” says Colette Kaster, PAACO Executive Director. “She is one of the few livestock industry leaders with experience across a broad range of livestock segments and species. Her combination of business and technical experience will help me navigate the many opportunities for PAACO, which continue to grow with the increasing interest in animal welfare oversight.”

PAACO will continue to expand its influence on animal welfare auditing and education by looking to establish training programs in additional species (i.e. aquaculture) and expanding partnerships internationally. “We want to continue to be a positive influence on animal welfare globally,” says Dr. Baysinger. “Our first partnership was with Brazil with meat plant training and auditor certification, and we are discussing opportunities in Canada.”