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Increasing consumer understanding and building trust.

Building Consumer Trust Through Transparency

The 3rd annual Advancing Animal Welfare Together Symposium hosted by Merck Animal Health brought 100 food chain leaders together from farm to table at Indiana’s Fair Oaks Farms. Farmers, veterinarians and experts from restaurants and retail shared unique insights and perspectives in an open, transparent dialogue.

How do we build consumer trust in agriculture? Charlie Arnot, CEO, The Center for Food Integrity, shared insights on how to build trust through transparency and shared values.

How important is transparency from farm to table? Symposium participants share their views of transparency and animal welfare.

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Bridging the Gap

Consumers want to know how their food is grown and raised. Learn about their concerns and how to ease them one question at a time.


Communicating with Consumers

Tell your agriculture story from a very personal perspective – your own. Learn more about the consumer’s point of view and how to share your story.


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