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Vence virtual fence products
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With Vence’s revolutionary system of animal guidance collars and base stations, you can easily identify, track, and monitor livestock and precisely manage grazing from your tablet or computer.


The solar-powered towers enable operation over even the most remote and rugged terrain and are designed to last 10-plus years with little to no maintenance. Depending on the topography, each base station can cover 5,000-10,000 acres.

CattleRidEr collar

When an animal approaches a virtual fence boundary, the collar applies stimuli to correct movement.


  • Create, modify and manage herds
  • Designate, schedule and modify virtual fence lines
  • Track individual animals and herds
  • Display pastures and physical landmarks
  • Monitor collar status and battery life
  • Build and schedule virtual fences weeks in advance
  • Associate ear tag IDs to collar IDs
  • Track individual animals and visualize Vence performance via heat maps

success team

All Vence customers have access to our Rancher Success Team, which is dedicated to product training and support. From setup and onboarding to answering questions to troubleshooting, this team ensures Vence is a success on your ranch.

  • One-on-one setup and training
  • On-call assistance during setup
  • Weekly online education session

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