Better grazing with virtual fencing

Why choose virtual fencing?

Track cattle movement, dictate grazing behavior and establish an easy-to-manage rotational grazing strategy — all while eliminating the need for internal physical fence lines and supporting sustainability.

Virtual fencing helps improve production

Virtual fencing reduces fence maintenance and labor costs and enables real-time animal grazing data insights and utilization. Producers can improve forage carrying capacity and protect wildlife habitat.


grazing patterns to increase
herd productivity


to set and schedule
boundaries remotely


time, labor, and material and
supplemental feed costs


stocking density
of the herd

Virtual fencing helps you track herd
location and movement

Get real-time information about
the location of each animal

View green/yellow/red status of each
animal based on their movement and activity

Get heat map analysis that shows
the grazing track of each animal

“See” your herd’s location and movement
at any time, regardless of time of day or weather conditions

Virtual fencing helps improve grazing
land health and the environment

Reduce soil erosion and improve forage and water quality with managed grazing

Simplify management of difficult terrain and public/protected land 

Protect wildlife corridors, areas near water sources, and other sensitive land

Aid soil
carbon sequestration

Rotational grazing

Rotational grazing improves soil health and grassland management, but it’s often cost-prohibitive due to the materials and labor costs. Virtual fencing makes rotational grazing achievable and affordable.

In fact, Vence’s sustainability advantages align with federal programs that support producers’ efforts to implement conservation practices on working lands.

Using Virtual Fencing Technology to Rescue Cattle in a Blizzard

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