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NOMV Clear Blueprint

April 2023

The 2022 Merck veterinary wellbeing study unveiled many challenges and opportunities for veterinarians and veterinary team members. Among these items, it, unfortunately, illustrated that ~75% of veterinary team members and 44% of US (United States) veterinarians are NOT thriving in their current occupation.


Connecting with Clients Over Coughing Calamities with a New Option for Comfort and Coverage

November 2022

With more owners informed about the risks, and more pets protected with vaccination that is comprehensive and low stress for both owners and pets alike, we can make stories of respiratory disease outbreaks less of an inevitable cycle and more of a rare occurrence.


Working with Working Dogs: The 2021 AAHA Working and Service Dog Guidelines

August 2022

Working dogs are more than pets; they are partners doing important jobs for people and society. The 2021 AAHA Working, Assistance and Therapy Dog Guidelines explain the many types of working dogs and the adjustments your practice may need to make for their special skills. Your whole team will benefit!

Muddy Puppy

To Break the Flea Life Cycle, Use a Multilevel Approach

July 2022

Eggs, larvae, pupae, adults; fleas are still the pet owner’s bane. We show you how to break the flea life cycle using convenient, effective products in a comprehensive flea control strategy. Prescribe safe, effective products that will kill the fleas they see today and prevent new infestations from appearing tomorrow.


Exposing Flea Misperceptions Among Pet Parents

JUNE 2022

Clients are often confused about fleas. By recognizing some of the common misperceptions, your staff can be better prepared to communicate the important facts about fleas and flea control.

Closeup of dog's head laying on dog bed

What Have You Forgotten About Whipworms

MAY 2022

That chronic canine diarrhea case you’ve been wrestling with may have whipworms. How can you tell? Review the life cycle, diagnosis and treatment of these patient, sneaky and persistent parasites. Learn about control strategies that work.


Maximizing Periods of Ectoparasite Protection with Bravecto® (fluralaner topical solution) for Cats

April 2022

Don’t let your feline patients’ flea and tick protection fall between the cracks. Learn how to improve compliance and reduce between-dose exposure periods.

little dog staring out window for pet owner

Helping pets overcome stress when you return to work, school

October 2021

Learn to recognize the signs and help your pets overcome anxiety and stress when you begin transitioning back to the office or to school.

Dr. Joseph Hahn sitting on couch with dog

Wellbeing in Veterinary Medicine

MAY 2021

As veterinary professionals, caring for animals and promoting positive health and wellbeing for pets is in our DNA. Anyone who is involved with veterinary medicine understands …


Hidden Dangers in the Great Outdoors

March 2021

Let’s go on a journey through the forest, you’re on a hike with your dog and you stop…


The Dangers of Drinking

March 2021

“Just one drink can’t hurt,” Charlie thought to himself. Until now he had only drank at home, but now he was out and feeling anxious.


Client Engagement Year-Round through CAPC Maps

December 2020

CAPC’s Strategic Vision is to see “Every Pet Tested, and Every Pet Protected.”


Tick Talk: Common Cat Myths Debunked!

December 2020

How many times have you heard a client exclaim with horror: “Doc, my male cat has ticks on his belly!”


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