Merck Animal Health Highlights Coalitions at AVMA

Partnerships are the name of the game for Merck Animal Health at this year’s American Veterinary Medical Association Convention in Philadelphia.

The convention kicks off on Friday, July 29 and continues through August 2. On Saturday morning, AVMA will announce its Coalition for Connected Veterinary Care – which Merck Animal Health is excited to support. The initiative focuses on increasing the use of and access to telehealth services in veterinary medicine.

​​​​​​​“As strong advocates of animal care and wellbeing through professional and quality veterinary services, Merck Animal Health is proud to support the Coalition for Connected Veterinary Care,” said Scott Bormann, Senior Vice President, North America Animal Health. “The tools, technology and resources that are provided to veterinarians through telehealth support and promote ongoing and regular patient care, help reduce some of the mental stresses being placed on veterinarians due to the increases in demand for services, and the time it takes for a patient to receive veterinary advice and care. When paired with the proper in-person client relationships, the result will be healthier animals, a more efficient veterinary staff and an all-inclusive approach to support continuity of patient care.”

Merck Animal Health is also supporting one of our existing partnerships. Saturday, our colleagues will pack care kits for the Philadelphia Street Dog Coalition, and Sunday, we will support a pop-up clinic with the Street Dog Coalition and Philly PAWS. You can learn more about Street Dog Coalition and our efforts in Philly in this blog post by Bridget Hanley, VMD, Associate Director of U.S. Pharmacovigilance.​​​​​​​

Merck Animal Health’s presence at the AVMA convention will also include several sessions on veterinary wellbeing led by Drs. Joseph Hahn, Addie Reinhard, and more on Sunday.

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