noun: the action of taking part in something

“Being A Positive Change In The World”

Be Unconditional

Our social commitment platform, #BeUnconditional, guides our actions as an organization of impassioned individuals who serve animals both big & small.

Thank You To Our Veterinarians

Veterinarians help make the world a better place for animals and the people who depend on them. Merck Animal Health wants to thank you for giving your unconditional love to the animals we love unconditionally.

Passion For Sustainability

Taking care of the planet and helping our customers make greener choices is how we choose.

Our Equine Team

Few relationships go back farther in time than humans and horses. Meet our Equine Team and learn about how they’re honoring the human-animal bond.

Critter Fixers

Only 2% of veterinarians are Black, & the Critter Fixer Veterinary Hospital is looking to change that. With compassion & a good sense of humor, they’re inspiring the next generation of vets to #BeUnconditional.

The Human-Animal Bond

Animals have a lot to teach us. Dr. Craig Barnett and Ron McDaniel share how our equine team found a caring home for 20 horses at a boys boarding school in Missouri.

The Power Of One

Can a single person make a difference? At Merck Animal Health we see it happen everyday. It’s why we a group of driven individuals are committed to making change in our industry and in our world. We choose to #BeUnconditional


Pride Month is a vibrant celebration of diversity and inclusion. Inspired by our colleagues, partners, and communities, we stand by our commitment to equality each and every day. Together, we can make the world a better place for all.

Commitment To Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare Lead Dr. Angela Baysinger explores the economic impact of COVID-19 on the livestock industry. We stand behind the veterinarians and farmers who support our country’s food supply.

Life As A Livestock Vet

Hear from Dr. Erika Nagorske as she discusses the crucial role of vets during unconventional times.

Animal Care & Welfare

Taking care of animals, and the land they live on, is no small feat. We thank the people whose commitment to animal health inspires us to #BeUnconditional each and every day.

Building Future Generations Of Farmers

Though integral to our world, only 2% of the population is involved in agriculture. Gladstone Dairy Farm is growing the passion and the field through philanthropic efforts in their community.

Spearheading Sustainability

Four-Hills Farms has inspired the agricultural community. Their efforts to reduce their dairy’s carbon footprint embrace innovative sustainability practices that fuel the industry forward.

Customer Connections

Our passion shines through our products, services & technologies. Every day we support our farmers who use their passion for animal health to produce safe, sustainable food.

Pets Of Those Experiencing Homelessness

The Street Dog Coalition, based in Fort Collins, CO, is a nationwide network of clinics that provide free medical care to pets of people that are experiencing homelessness. Healthier pets can provide more unconditional love to their owners. Merck Animal Health is proud to donate medical products to The Street Dog Coalition to help their mission continue.

Iron Sharpens Iron:
Leveling the playing field for black farmers

The Black farming community has always been a part of the animal health fabric and continues to add greatly to the diversity and passion around farming and animal production. But the playing field has not always been an equal one. Merck Animal Health is helping to change that.

Veterinary Wellbeing is
Animal Well-being

The state of health in the animal health industry is not just about the health and wellbeing of the animal, but also the health and wellbeing of the veterinarian. At Merck Animal Health, we focus on both.

Vet Story Night
to Benefit the Horse

Vet Story Night is all about the equine industry coming together for a good laugh to raise money for the horse. It benefits the horse, the veterinarian and all those that the horse touches.


With the worldwide demand for protein growing at a fast pace, the aquaculture community and their conservation efforts – with Merck Animal Health’s support – is making a difference and helping to feed the world.