An “unconditional” pledge towards the customers, colleagues and communities

Our brand is a sum of its many parts – our people, our products, our services, our reputation and our ability to solve for our customers’ and society’s needs. The U.S. Team is rolling out their corporate “Unconditional” campaign, which is designed to illustrate a commitment to living and conducting business with an unconditional attitude. This unbranded campaign features various initiatives and digital activities this year. 

The team’s pledge for social commitment is rooted in four pillars:

  • Compassion for animal care and welfare
  • Commitment to our customers
  • Respect for the veterinary profession
  • Passion for sustainability

To illustrate the significance of these pillars in their team’s work, watch this video that highlights the purpose of the “Unconditional” campaign.

“Unconditional encapsulates all of the impactful work we do as individuals, as members of our communities, and collectively as a company,” said Tom Schad, Director, North America Communications. “In today’s current climate, it can be easy to overlook all the good that is happening around us – this initiative is all about amplifying the efforts of Merck Animal Health and the positive impact we are having on the animal health community and communities all around the world when they need us the most.” 

To learn more about the four pillars of being “Unconditional,” click here

“In recent months, our people have shown what it means to be ‘Unconditional.’ I’m proud to be a part an organization that continues to develop innovative ways to serve our customers during trying times. I’m proud of our employees who continue to go to work in our manufacturing plants to make sure vital medicines remain available. Much like what we’ve learned from the animals we care for, we see our team members putting the needs of others before their own. All of this selflessness is illustrated through our ongoing ‘Unconditional’ social commitment,” said Scott Bormann, Senior Vice President, North America. 

As we progress through the year, watch for #BeUnconditional posts on Merck Animal Health’s social media platforms and help share the work our company is doing to make our industry – and our world – a better one.

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