When life happens, we are there

Mother Nature has proven to be our best friend. She gives us warmth, a good living and the ability to feed the world. But she can be unpredictable. When disaster strikes and our customers experienced flooding, droughts and other hardships, we are there.

Merck Animal Health, in good times and bad, will be there for our customers and communities by dedicating resources and making charitable contributions to ensure that our communities stayed in business, farms stayed in the family, and animals stayed healthy. And, we have backed up the donation with human resources to ensure those who are taking care of the animals are being taken care of as well.

Our company’s office of corporate responsibility works with humanitarian relief agencies, local authorities and other Merck teams to make decisions related to company donations to assist the relief and recovery efforts in affected communities. 

Just as each disaster is unique, so are the associated needs, and it often takes time for communities to assess the full impact of an event. Hurricane Dorian is anticipated to move along the U.S. Atlantic coast over the next few days and any domestic response will depend on how close the wind, rain and storm surge come to communities situated along the coast. 

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