The stories SAFE-GUARD (fenbendazole) helped make.

Behind successful operations, there’s strong management. Where there’s strong management, there are proven protections in place against internal parasites.


Ranchers goose SAFE-GUARD to help calves grow to their potential.

Safe-Guard Cattle – Through and Through

Healthy cows, happy people at Louisiana’s Branch Ranch.

Safe-Guard Cattle – Pounds on the Ground

Keep calves gaining, growing with Safe-Guard from Merck Animal Health.


Oklahoma’s Eddie Parker explains how a switch to Safe-Guard benefited his herd.


Stocker operators rely on SAFE-GUARD to get their high-risk cattle where they need to be.

Safe-Guard Cattle – No Surprises

How Safe-Guard helps one stocker navigate health risk in a high-risk business.

No Doubts Here

The high-risk cattle have arrived. Now the work of Safe-Guard begins.


Dairy operators trust SAFE-GUARD to help their herds be as productive as possible.

Balanced Approach

When performance counts, dairy producers can count on Safe-Guard cattle dewormer.


When veterinarians need an efficient dewormer, they look to SAFE-GUARD.

Safe-Guard Cattle – Time After Time

Kansas veterinarian and cattleman keeps cattle healthy with Safe-Guard.