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PDF Resources for creating health records of every equine life stage

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Welcome to our Equine Downloadable Resources section, where you can find a collection of documents specifically created to provide valuable information about horse care for life. These resources cover a wide range of topics, from foal care to horse health records, ensuring that you have access to the right information to keep your horses happy and healthy.

We hope you find these downloadable resources valuable for your equine care journey. For any specific questions or further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

Foal Care

  • Learn about the essential aspects of foal care here, including vaccination and general health guidelines.
  • Download our Foal Care PDFs for a comprehensive guide tailored to the specific needs of young horses.

Mare Care

  • Discover important information about proper mare care during pregnancy, foaling, and postpartum.
  • Our Mare Care PDFs offer practical advice to ensure the well-being of both the mare and her foal.

Health Care

  • Keep track of your horse’s health history by utilizing our downloadable health record templates.
  • Download templates for Horse Health Records, including vaccination records, deworming schedules, farrier/dental records, and more.

Vaccinations and Deworming

  • Find detailed guidelines and schedules for vaccinations and deworming in our downloadable resources.
  • Understand the significance of vaccinations and deworming in maintaining your horse’s health.

Disease and Health Concerns

  • Explore our resources that cover various common equine diseases and health concerns.
  • Find information about infectious diseases such as West Nile virus, influenza, equine herpesvirus (EHV), rabies, and more.

Musculoskeletal Health

  • Gain knowledge on maintaining your horse’s musculoskeletal health and preventing injuries.
  • Download our resources to learn about exercise routines, proper conditioning, and injury prevention techniques.

Neurological Health

  • Understand the importance of neurological health in horses and how to identify potential problems.
  • Access resources that provide information about common neurological issues and their management.

Parasites and Deworming

  • Learn about different types of parasites that affect horses and effective deworming strategies.
  • Find information on parasite prevention, identification, and deworming schedules in our resources.

Pain Management

  • Discover various pain management options for horses dealing with chronic pain or injuries.
  • Access resources that discuss different pain management techniques, therapies, and medications available.

Gastric/Internal Medicine

  • Understand the complexities of gastric and internal medicine issues in horses at varying life stages.
  • Find resources that cover topics such as gastric ulcers, colic, and other common internal diseases.

Behavior Management

  • Download resources that provide guidance on handling behavioral issues and promoting positive behaviors.

Each download contains records for each stage of horse care for;
deworming, vaccination, immunization, dental and special health needs.

Mare Care

Foal Care

Young Horse Care

Pleasure Horse Care

Performance Horse Care

Senior Horse Care