Amber Pierce

Senior Customer Representative


Equine Strong
Growing up, my parents ran an equine boarding facility and I was active in 4-H and local open show circuits. Over the years, I’ve done all sorts of riding, competed in various events (even skijoring!), and there’s always been a horse (or two) in my life. Currently, I have a home-bred prospect that’s working her way toward Versatility Ranch and Cowhorse events. I earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Michigan State University, a master’s in business management and leadership, and I am an Equine Specialist with the Professional Registry of Animal Scientists.

I joined the (amazing) Merck Animal Health Equine Team in 2020. Each team member is here for the right reasons. We all have a true love of horses and thrive on doing our part for the industry. My goal is to offer the clients in my region a valuable partnership and help in their success.

“For me, being unconditional isn’t talking the talk, it’s walking the walk.”

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