Andrew Stetson

Customer Manager, Sales


Equine Strong
I was raised through the United States Pony Club, riding dressage and three-day eventing horses and started competing in combined driving when I was 10. I’ve worked with horses of all sizes, from draft to miniature, and find tranquility and peace in the mere smell of a horse.

I’ve been with the Merck Animal Health equine sales team since 2007. Our sales team is a family of knowledgeable horse people. Unlike so many in the industry, our family of reps come from the horse. We’ve all been raised around them, own them, and interact with them daily. This makes for a team that understands the long days, the struggles of losing the good souls, the frustrations of not knowing all the answers. I stand behind my customers 100% and ensure they can trust the products and services that Merck Animal Health brings to the equine industry.

“Being unconditional means doing what you say you will, being where you say you’ll be, teaching when you have the ability and knowledge, sharing when our friends are open to receiving, respecting folks like we know they’d love to be treated and respected, loving the industry of animal health because it’s just what we know how to do. It’s our passion!”

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