customer sales manager

Booth Farwell

Senior Brand Manager,

Equine Vaccines & Pharmaceuticals

Equine Strong
There’s an emotional and gravitational pull to the horse, it’s just unexplainable. Being raised alongside horses has everything to do with where I am today. I’ve been blessed to do things that 99% of the population would never experience, and the horse made it all possible. The equine world is small, but the connections and possibilities are seemingly unlimited. Horses are my passion, and my entire career has been linked to them.

The equine industry is the prime example of teamwork. Whether you’re a veterinarian, technician, farrier, trainer, or horse owner, the goal is to do what’s right for the horse. The Merck Animal Health equine team exhibits this same quality. Our role within the industry is to support the entire care team with resources and a wide breadth of industry knowledge. I’ve been fortunate to work within this elite team since 2009.

“Unconditional is setting a foundation of continuously doing what’s right without expecting anything in return.”