Dane Davis

Senior Customer Representative, Sales


Equine Strong
I don’t have a horse background; however, we own two Quarter horses – Boone and Gunner. Some of the best horse advice I ever got is: “Once equine, always equine!” Now I couldn’t agree more. Although I’m new to the Merck Equine Team, I want customers to know I am a trusted resource for them and sincerely care.

Before joining the equine team in 2023, I worked for Merck Human Health for 13 years and Merck Animal Health for six. So far, everyone from veterinarians to customers have all been great. The genuine compassion our equine team shows for horses (and each other) is unmatched, and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

“Having worked for Merck for nearly 20 years, I feel ‘unconditional’ is what we do. We care more for people, horses, and overall animal welfare than any other animal health company.”

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