John Ford

Senior Customer Representative, Sales


Equine Strong
A friend of mine introduced me to team roping about 35 years ago and persuaded me to purchase my first heading horse, Steamboat. I learned most of my horsemanship skills by going to roping clinics, reading, watching others, and trying things on my own horses. And I take pride that I’ve gentled, trained and finished my horses. I’m just as committed to making sure customers know I’m looking out for them and want what’s best for horses and their owners.

I worked for Merck on the human side for 21 years. From many years as a territory manager, I’ve seen that the service and support we provide for our equine veterinarians is highly appreciated. It comes down to trust. There are a lot of fly-by companies that come and go … but it takes years of working with veterinarians to earn their trust and show them Merck’s unconditional mantra is for real.

“Unconditional in my mind means we go beyond what is really expected by the veterinarian or horse owner. We back this up with the best professional services team and programs to support the veterinarian.”

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