Ron McDaniel


Equine Sales US

Equine Strong
I’m no horse trainer, but through the years I’ve used horses for various jobs and competitions. I steer wrestled in college, team roped for about 15 years, and have five Quarter horses for ranch work and trail riding. I’ve lived much of my life on the road because working with animals and the people who care for them makes for such a fulfilling career. I’m also a family man and love being home with my wife, kids and grandkids.

I started with Merck Animal Health as a field sales rep more than 30 years ago. From there, I had the opportunity to move into sales management, work with marketing, and lead a technical services team. Our people not only care for each other, we all have a love for the horse and the equine industry. You just couldn’t ask for a better team.

“Being unconditional means looking out for and caring for others, especially when nobody is looking.”