Today, more people possess the desire, time and money to keep pets in the home. As pet ownership increases, so does the need for state-of-the-art products and services to help pets live longer and healthier lives. Merck Animal Health, the largest producer of animal vaccines in the world, is one of the few companies with the capabilities to meet the rise in demand amongst cat owners and veterinarians for pet healthcare products.

We have invested in a range of vaccines to help guard your cat from viruses. To safeguard your cat in the event it becomes lost, we provide technology to help you quickly reunite with it. Because our pets are now living longer lives, we are growing our portfolio to help treat diseases such as diabetes mellitus and feline hyperthyroidism that often accompany old age.

At Merck Animal Health, we know that pets are at the heart of your families, and we are here to help you keep them healthy, active and disease-free for as long as possible. Visit our product page to learn more about our feline portfolio.