Sustainability through animal health and productivity

Animal health plays a significant role in the sustainability of cattle production, balancing the roles economic viability, environmental responsibility and social acceptability.

Stephen Diebel, a fifth-generation rancher near Victoria, Texas, says sustainability has always been an integral part of his operation.

“Sustainability is a very important aspect to how we manage our ranching operation,” Diebel explains. “The goal is to leave it better for the next generation, so that’s what we strive to do in all of our management practices.”

Herd of beef cattle

Among the many ways Diebel keeps his operation sustainable, growth-enhancing implants are a key component of his program – increasing pounds of output and reducing the amount of resources used to get there. 

“We’ve been a big proponent of implants. We’ll utilize them on the ranch level, and we will also utilize them from a feeding perspective,” says Diebel. 

When animals aren’t growing to their full potential or reaching their optimal endpoint faster, the amount of resources required increases. Diebel shares the animal health and productivity practices that he implements to make his farm more sustainable in this brief video. 

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