All cattle disease information at your fingertips

Now available for your mobile device, the Merck Feedlot Diseases Atlas app is the most complete reference for information surrounding the diseases that impact feedlot cattle – from the most common ailments to the rarest of conditions.

Illustrated with more than 700 highly educational images of post-mortem lesions and pictures of clinical findings in live animals, the app is ideal for veterinary students, clinicians, technicians, specialists, cattle producers and more.

The Merck Feedlot Diseases Atlas App works without an internet connection – perfect for mobile veterinarians and in-field practice.

Cattle disease app

How it works:

  • From the main menu, users choose a chapter based on the relevant body system
  • Users may also use the simple search function to quickly locate specific content
  • Each chapter includes educational pictures with a brief description

Download the Merck Feedlot Diseases Atlas App from the App Store today or visit to learn more.

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