9.7% lambdacyhalothrin. A broad-spectrum premise insecticide for pest control in, on and around livestock buildings, structures and surroundings. Microencapuslated for long-lasting control of a wide variety of insects that plague surfaces.

Control crawling and flying insects around animal facilities with Grenade ER. It contains the most powerful insecticide available in a premise spray.1


  • Provides three months of premise protection1
  • Microencapsulation delays breakdown of active ingredient1
  • Effective on difficult-to-treat surfaces (vinyl, cement, other porous materials)1
  • Contains lambdacyhalothrin, the most powerful insecticide available in a premise spray1
  • Twice the bioactivity of other common insecticides1

For additional information, please see the product label.


1. Competitive Comparison: DEMAND Versus CYONARA 9.7,, Syngenta Crop Production Inc., 2008.