Pinkeye protection.

Look to stop pinkeye before it starts. Boost immunity against Moraxella bovoculi with a new pinkeye vaccine now available from Merck Animal Health.

Pinkeye vaccines are a critical part of a three-step approach to managing pinkeye, including fly control and pasture management.

An Effective Approach at Preventing Pinkeye

M. bovis

The major cause of pinkeye is due to a bacteria called M. bovis. Vaccines such as BOVILIS® PILIGUARD® PINKEYE, BOVILIS® PILIGUARD® PINKEYE+7 and BOVILIS® 20/20 VISION® 7 with SPUR® from Merck Animal Health are available to help prevent against this pathogen.

M. bovoculi

In a recent study of 466 pinkeye cases, up to 80% of cases were found to include M. bovoculi alone, or along with M. bovis1.

It Takes Two

Utilizing a combination approach to vaccination against M. bovis and M. bovoculi helps your herd gain the maximum protection they need against pinkeye.


  • Protects against 8 strains of M. bovoculi in one convenient shot1
  • Proven safety2
  • Available on the OneMerck program
  • Support from Merck Animal Health team
  • Replaces autogenous products

M. bovoculi bacterin vaccine is a conditionally licensed product.  To purchase, please talk to your vet or contact your Merck Animal Health sales representative.


Pinkeye Product Fact Sheet

Learn more about the complete line of pinkeye protection.


Winter Pinkeye

Pinkeye isn’t just a summer concern. Help producers prevent and treat pinkeye year-round.


New Findings with Bovine Pinkeye

Organisms such as Moraxella bovoculi appear to work as a co-pathogen.


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1 Addison, B. June 2018. Progressive Dairy. New Findings with Bovine Pinkeye. Feb 3, 2020.

2 USDA Summary of Studies Supporting USDA Product Licensure , January 12, 2017.