Here’s to the game changers.

Producers who better their operations, ensure their legacies and improve their industry.

What does it take to be in business for the long haul? To leave a legacy?

Meeting challenges head-on, whether it’s an evolving disease threat, labor issue or market demand.

Hear the stories of game-changing beef and dairy producers from around the country. Find ways to up your game, too.

Raising resilient calves.

Dean Fish is dedicated to agricultural literacy, conservation and resource management while raising high-quality beef. He looks to vaccine technology, along with solid nutrition and good stockmanship, to raise BRD resilient calves that impress the feedyard. 

Dean Fish, Ph.D.
Santa Fe Ranch
Nogales, Arizona

Taking repro to the next level.

Chad Abbas set out to improve reproductive efficiency by combining estrus synchronization with SenseHub® Dairy monitoring technology. Hear how he saves labor and achieves high pregnancy rates by breeding from a daily report of cows in heat.

Chad Abbas
Van Voorst Dairy
Sioux Center, Iowa

From high risk to top shape.

Earl Shero brings high-risk sale barn calves into his stocker operation and delivers them to the feedyard in the best possible condition to succeed. Learn how deworming at arrival and regular monitoring of fecal egg counts keeps parasites in check.

Earl Shero
Shero Ranch
Wilburton, Oklahoma

Merck Animal Health delivers industry-leading technologies, biopharma solutions and spot-on technical support to keep you on top of your game. In fact, no other company is investing more aggressively in game-changing solutions for the industry. It’s another way Merck Animal Health works.

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