Enhance reproduction
in your beef herd

Efficiency is important in all aspects of beef cattle care – especially reproduction. Merck Animal Health offers a host of products that can help increase performance and control with or without artificial insemination (Al).

Deliver a heavier, more uniform calf crop.

Come sale day, groups consistent in size will always be more appealing. A uniform calf crop is easier for the buyer to manage once the calves get home. And the heavier that calf crop is, the better the payday for you. Reproduction in beef cattle is 10 times more economically important than growth traits and 20 times more important than carcass traits. An extra calf, or more calves per cow herd, is the single largest factor in increasing pounds of beef.1

The key is getting cows and replacement heifers pregnant in a timely manner – ideally in the first 21 days of the breeding season. Heat synchronization can help manage the timing of your breeding and calving seasons, even if you don’t use fixed-time artificial insemination (FTAI). For herds that use bull breeding, a single shot of prostaglandin provides a simple solution to heat synchronization.

The amount of weaning weight lost for every 21 days cows are open.2,3

Simple, one-dose heat synchronization

ESTRUMATE allows for better management of heat detection, breeding and calving intervals, whether using bull breeding or Al. For natural service herds, one shot of ESTRUMATE four to five days after turning out bulls is the optimal protocol.

In a study, heat was synchronized with a single injection of prostaglandin 4.5 days after turning out bulls. Compared to non-synchronized herds, this resulted in:

  • A shorter breeding season with no drop in pregnancy rate3
  • More cows getting pregnant in the first 21 days of the breeding season, which led to:
    • More cows calving during the first 21 days of calving season3
    • Calves 20 lbs. heavier on average at weaning3
    • Calves with greater carcass weights, marbling scores and better yield grades3
    • Heavier, more valuable carcasses worth an additional $77 per carcass at the feedlot3

If that protocol doesn’t fit your management system, one shot of ESTRUMATE at turnout will still induce more cows to show heat sooner and get more cows calving during the first 21 days.

One dose to tighter calving windows.

As an engineer by day, Logan Schmerbach knows the importance of using metrics to measure performance. He applies the same mindset to the cow-calf herd that he owns with his father. And that’s why they rely on ESTRUMATE for more efficient reproduction.

The GnRH that makes fertility simple

FERTAGYL is the #1 GnRH on the market and is now approved for use in beef cattle.4 Using FERTAGYL and ESTRUMATE together in an FTAI program can make the use of AI even more convenient – and give you even more control over the reproductive process for optimal results that boost the bottom line.

Watch this video to see how FERTAGYL and ESTRUMATE work together, then talk to your veterinarian to determine the right breeding protocol for your herd.

See firsthand how ESTRUMATE + FERTAGYL work for one seedstock operation.

Located in the sandhills of Nebraska, Connealy Agnus uses ESTRUMATE and FERTAGYL together to enhance their operation’s reproductive performance during the all-important breeding season.

Advance your herd with timely, efficient reproduction.

Learn more about the products and solutions that contribute to reproductive success.


Maximize reproductive potential with the right protection.

Many factors go into reproductive success, including vaccination to optimize conception and prevent reproductive loss. Diseases like bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and leptospirosis can lead to significant losses in the form of infertility and abortion. It’s important to have a reproductive management program in place that focuses on the critical breeding and gestation periods – as well as comprehensive fetal protection.

See how BOVILIS VISTA 5 VL5 SQ CFP can help support the respiratory and reproductive health of your herd.

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Stay in front of profit-robbing diseases with the comprehensive cattle vaccine lineup from Merck Animal Health.

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1Boggs D, Hamilton E. Cow/Calf Analysis: Key Indicators of Profitability. The Range Beef Cow Symposium XV. 1997; 167.

2Cushman RA, et al. Heifer calving date positively influences calf weaning weights through six parturitions. J Anim Sci. 2013;91:4486-4491.

3Larson DM, et al. Estrous synchronization increases early calving frequency, which enhances steer progeny value. Nebraska Beef Cattle Reports. 2010;14-16.

4Animalytix, MAT May 2020.

FERTAGYL IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Not for use in humans. Keep out of reach of children. For complete safety information, refer to the product label.

ESTRUMATE IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Do not administer ESTRUMATE to pregnant cow unless abortion is desired. Severe localized postinjection clostridial infections have been reported; in rare instances infection has led to death. Women of childbearing age, asthmatics, and persons with respiratory problems should exercise extreme caution when handling ESTRUMATE. ESTRUMATE is readily absorbed through the skin and can cause abortion and/or bronchospasms; direct contact with the skin should be avoided, and accidental spillage on the skin should be washed off immediately with soap and water. For complete safety information, refer to the product label.